Some Members of the Radio Society Enjoying the Sun in May

Some Members of the Radio Society Enjoying the Sun in May

Some members of the team in the SunFor the first time this year at our weekly morning meet at Thrybergh Country Park. We were able to set up a Radio outside and enjoy the sun even if the band conditions were not that good.

It’s always great to meet up and have a chat, enjoy tea or coffee and maybe sample some of the excellent food on offer at Thrybergh. I was even better this week to be able to setup out side in the Sun.

If you have been reading the news you will be aware that the Country Park is a Parks on the Air Park (POTA) (ref GB-0441) as normal we started out of 2m FM, however, the band was very quiet (this may have been due to our leafy surroundings) before we switched over to 20m where again the band conditions were not at there best. Thank you to everyone who made contact with us, we really do appreciate your call.

Please remember if you are interested in Amateur Radio or a Radio Amateur you are always welcome to come and join us on a Wednesday morning.

Our working conditions were as follows; a Yaesu Ft-897, using a Dimond X30 antenna for 2m and an Am Pro Ham Stick for HF. Logging using HAMRS. Power Supply 50AH LiFePO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate battery.


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