RadCom May 2024 and M17

RadCom May 2024 and M17

Radcom May 2024

Radcom May 2024

Great to see two items that we submitted to the RSGB in Radcom this month, if you are not an RSGB Member and do not get Radcom, please ask one of the Radio Society Members who are a member of the RSGB to lend you a copy or better still ask to join the RSGB Currently there is an offer on. Click here for more info.


Also in this Edition was an item about M17.

It made me feel inspired, I particularly like the idea of building an open HT.

This is taken from the Projects home page “This freedom to build, understand, and innovate is core to amateur radio, but has been missing from the commercially available digital voice modes.”

For me, Amateur Radio is more than buying a black box made by someone else and using it. The M17 Project embodies the core of what Amateur Radio is all about.

An overview of the M17 Project.

The M17 Project stands as a beacon of innovation and collaboration in the realm of digital communication. Rooted in the principles of openness, security, and decentralization, it aims to revolutionize the way individuals and organizations communicate, free from the constraints of centralized control and surveillance.

At its core, the M17 Project is driven by a commitment to providing a secure and reliable alternative to traditional communication platforms. By leveraging open standards and cutting-edge encryption technologies, M17 ensures that users can exchange messages, voice calls, and multimedia content without fear of interception or manipulation by third parties. This commitment to security extends beyond mere rhetoric, with the project’s codebase undergoing rigorous independent audits to guarantee its integrity and resilience against potential threats.

Central to the M17 Project’s ethos is the notion of decentralization. Unlike conventional communication platforms that rely on centralized servers to facilitate interactions, M17 adopts a distributed architecture, empowering users to communicate directly with one another peer-to-peer. This not only enhances privacy and resilience but also eliminates single points of failure, ensuring uninterrupted communication even in the face of network disruptions or censorship attempts.

Moreover, the M17 Project is distinguished by its commitment to openness and interoperability. By adhering to open standards and fostering a vibrant ecosystem of compatible clients and services, M17 promotes seamless communication across diverse platforms and devices. Whether through its support for the interoperable AX.25 protocol or its integration with popular messaging applications, M17 seeks to break down barriers and unite users under a common framework of communication freedom.

Beyond its technical innovations, the M17 Project is characterized by its passionate community of developers, enthusiasts, and advocates. Through collaborative development efforts and grassroots outreach initiatives, the project continues to grow and evolve, driven by a shared vision of a more secure, decentralized, and inclusive digital future.

In Summary.

In summary, the M17 Project stands as a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration in shaping the future of communication. By embracing principles of openness, security, and decentralization, it offers a compelling alternative to traditional communication platforms, empowering users to connect freely and securely in an increasingly interconnected world.



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