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Liam Studying

Liam’s 10-Day Challenge

Liam’s 10-Day Challenge Liam M7LCB, wanted to move from his Amateur Radio Foundation Licence to study for and pass the exam to get his Intermediate Amateur Radio Licence. He purchased the study guide for...

RAF Coningsby

RAF Coningsby Activation 2024-01-11

RAF Coningsby Activation All being well tomorrow Thursday 11th April 2024 we will be operating an Amateur Radio Special Event Station from RAF Coningsby. Currently, it’s home to: One of two RAF Quick Reaction...

Photo showing members of Maltby and District Amateur Radio Society enjoying a talk on APRS

Last Weeks Talk on APRS

Last week we had an excellent talk “An Introduction to APRS”. We were shown a simple option to start using a Smartphone then moving up to options using a TNC or Soundcard and Radio....