Peter G4ENC Operates the ft-101ZD

Peter operating RadioPeter G4ENC operating on the 40m Band with the ft-101ZD and the Radio Societies tuner which was repaired by us after being donated to us by Lamco Barnsley as a small project.

Peter was one of the Original Maltby and District Amateur Radio Society which closed in 2019

The ft-101ZD was manufactured by Yaesu and was first released in 1079 in Japan.

This HF Transceiver is a precision-engineered, high-performance HF transceiver incorporating advanced design (for its time), and covers the following Amateur Radio band (160,80,40,20,15 & 10 meters) operation on SSB, and CW (Morse).

This transceiver operates at an input power of 180 watts and has advanced features (for its time) which include
digital plus analogue frequency display, continuously variable IF bandwidth (300 Hz – 2.4 kHz),
This has a superb noise blanker with threshold adjustment, and an effective RF speech processor, and is a delight to use

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