Ofcom – Future proofing amateur radio

Today Ofcom issued the following statement.

Statement: Updating the amateur radio licensing framework

This document sets out our decision to update the amateur radio licensing framework to ensure the policies and licences meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s radio amateurs while streamlining the licensing process. We have focused on ensuring our rules are fit for purpose, specifically aiming to:

Modernise our policies and rules to allow radio amateurs greater operating freedom whilst maintaining appropriate regulatory control over spectrum use;
Make our rules as clear and streamlined as possible, aligning with other spectrum areas that we authorise where appropriate to improve consistency and responsiveness.

Alongside the statement, we have published a Summary of the Changes (PDF, 166.4 KB); this gives a high-level overview of the policy changes we have made to the amateur radio licensing framework.

We have also published our General Notice, giving notice of our proposal to vary all amateur radio licences

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