Visit to the NRC and historic Bletchley Park

Members of the Maltby & District Amateur Radio Society operate a Radio Station at historic Bletchley Park.

Bletchley Park houseBletchley Park is primarily known for being home to the WW2 Secret CodeBreakers and is well worth a visit. It is also home to the National Radio Centre, which is a showcase for radio communications technology.

Members of the Radio Society were able to operate the GB3RS Radio Station, this is something that is not offered to the general public, and to do this you need to hold an amateur radio licence which is issued in the United Kingdom by Ofcom.

Contacts were made with several other radio amateurs across the UK, conditions having been impacted by sunspot activity.

The National Radio Centre is operated by a volunteer team, and it covers the first inventors in the late 19th century through to future radio developments, visitors will find films, interactive displays, hands-on experiments and a state-of-the-art amateur radio station.

Group of members inside NRCThe National Radio Centre is set on the grounds of Bletchley Park, many radio amateurs became “voluntary interceptors” – some 1,500 radio amateurs were recruited to intercept secret codes broadcast by the Nazis and their allies during the war. Which were relayed to Bletchley Park.

After visiting the National Radio Centre, the members of the Amateur Radio Society visited other areas of Bletchley Park. Members who attended said that it was an excellent day, and they would all like to go back.

Operating GB2RS


Members of the Radio Society Operating the GB2RS Amateur Radio Station





operating GB2RS

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