Ham VoIP using Hams Over IP

Old Yealink VoIP Phone Ham VoIP

I had to go up in the loft a couple of weeks ago, which was not an easy task for me, I was supposed to be having a clearout, but as you can tell my clearout did not go as planned.
There I stumbled across an old YeaLink VoIP Phone and remembered some Ham Radio Projects using VoIP.
Having sought advice from someone who was already using this technology I signed up with Hams Over IP, I now have an extension 200260, go on get yourself sent up and give me a call.
There are all sorts of good stuff linked to Hams Over IP, you don’t need a hardware phone, you can use a softphone on your smartphone.
Check out the config guides on the site and have a look at what’s for sale on eBay. (I am already tempted to upgrade)
(I should say my phone is old and has no cool display).
I have to say that the help and support I received from the team, were second to none, there are many large and small companies that could not match this level of Support.
There is a very useful WiKi, I just love Wikis, and this one is a good example just about everything I wanted to know was there.
It’s easy simple and fun. It also links in very well with other areas of Amateur Radio, okay I can hear some people say its not real radio, and maybe not but who can resist having fun with technology?

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