Parks on the Air POTA presentation

Parks on the Air LogoParks on the Air (POTA) presentation by (Paul – M0PJA) was very well presented and very informative. From beginner to competent POTA operator with many tips on equipment, locations and awards.

Paul outlined how the scheme started in the US and is now being adopted by a growing number of Countries around the World, and how it has grown in England since 2019. The roles of Activatior and Hunter were outlined and were explained in what you need to do for each role, what sort of equipment you might wish to use and the bands you may like to operate from.

POTA has its own system of rewards which both Activator and Hunter could accumulate, and what these rewards looked like.

The features and benefits of being an Activator and a  Hunter.

Also given was an overview of the Parks on the Air Website. 

This included an overview of the and the POTA mapping site and how to schedule an activation and how to spot some on the site.

Picture of Pota Talk Jan 2024A Quick overview of the HAMRS logging software was given this can also be used for SOTA Activations and can be downloaded from

The Slide deck used in the talk has been made available to members and Paul challenged the Radio Society to take part in an activation day.

In summary, Parks on the Air (POTA) is an Amateur Radio,  radiosport awards program that encourages portable operations from county, regional and nationally managed public lands.
POTA has a large set of references and a short set of rules. We welcome you to join us as an activator, Hunter or both!

See the UK Parks on the Air Facebook page for additional help and information.


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